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Benedister "A" litter

Some amazing puppies are available from this litter!


Sire: Nyitramenti Challenger


Dam: Campobellói Bailey's

Born: 2012. april 11.

2 males , 6 females



Benedister Achilleus 3 months old male
Available for lovely show, breeding or pet home!



Benedister Amniona 3 months old female
Available for loveing show, breeding or pet home!






Achilleus - sold !

Arcus - sold !





Amaranta - sold !

Axilla - sold !

Alveola - sold !

Alcantara - sold!


Amarilla - sold !

Auricula -sold

Amniona - sold !



Nyitramenti Challenger Nyitramenti Chimney-Sweep Do It Again Fulvo della Cambianella Mirpet Matt Bianco
Red Strawberry Fulva della Cambianella
Sharidon Ayleen Carrow Spicer Roclynn Kings Minstrel
Nyitramenti Pastoral
New Inspiration ze Zlate Jalny Nyitramenti Captain Blood Do it Again Fulvo Della Cambianella
Sharidon Ayleen Carrow Spicer
Running Girly von Belvedere Sea Dreamer's I'M Maikel
Malouine's Spread Your Wings
Campobellói Bailey's Ranger von Belvedere Sea Dreamer's I'm Maikel Mirpet Red Baron
Baden Court Kiss And Be Friends
Malouine's Spread Your Wings Punch De Gold Collies
Malouine's Bohemian Rhapsody
Nyitramenti Romantic Tale Nyitramenti Great Pretender Nyitramenti Barrister
Delbar Simply Special
Joshren Noreen Gloidh Aaronwell Antique Gold at Brilyn
Nyitramenti Your Majesty of Snow Hills


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